Do I Need Other Types Of Insurance Other Than Tradesman’s Insurance?

Caeva O'Callaghan | April 8th, 2024

Before you start working as a plumber, joiner, or other contractor, you need tradesman insurance – but will you also need other insurance policies?

It’s highly likely. Standard tradesman’s insurance covers public liability and employers’ liability, however you will also likely need cover for your tools and equipment, as well as van insurance.

You will need to discuss with your insurance provider to have the cover that you need added to your policy, or take out what’s known as “contractors’ all risks” insurance.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • Does tradesman’s insurance cover public liability?
  • Are my tools and equipment covered by my tradesman’s insurance?
  • Do I need specialist insurance for my van?

As a tradesman, you’re regularly working with powerful, dangerous equipment in high-risk situations. Good insurance will protect you and your business, no matter what happens.

Does tradesman’s insurance cover public liability?

Yes, as standard. Public liability insurance is the legal minimum requirement for all tradesmen who operate in Ireland. This type of cover is meant to protect clients, visitors and passers by in the event that they are injured or their property is damaged and the tradesmen are responsible.

If you aren’t insured with public liability cover in place, if or when an accident happens you would find yourself having to pay out of pocket – which will most likely end your business for good.

For example, if you’re working in your client’s home and accidentally drop your drill on their bathroom floor and crack the tile, your public liability insurance will cover the cost of the labour and materials involved in the replacement.

Or, if a member of the public injures themselves on-site while you’re working, your public liability insurance should cover their hospital bills and loss of income – as long as you took all the appropriate safety measures and weren’t negligent. This means putting up appropriate signage, warning others of dangers, and not leaving power tools around irresponsibly.

Are my tools and equipment covered by my tradesman’s insurance?

Not necessarily. You need to take out extra insurance cover if you want to protect your tools and equipment. Always check with your insurance provider what is covered by your policy.

Products liability will cover you in the event of a claim relating to parts and materials you install. Bought a faulty pack of vinyl flooring? This is the policy you need if the planks are damaged or warped, and the job suffers delays as a result.

In the majority of cases, the insurance provider you have your policy with will pursue the manufacturers. As long as the part turns out to be defective, it wasn’t your own fault and you installed the materials correctly, the manufacturer will be liable.

If you want to protect tools and materials while in transit, you’ll either need contractors’ all risks (CAR insurance) or a van insurance policy that covers more than third party only.

Do I need specialist insurance for my van?

It depends on the level of cover you need. As third party van insurance is the minimum insurance cover you need to get on the road, it doesn’t actually cover all that much. The good news is that you can protect the contents of your van as an add-on to your van insurance, or as a separate policy. This will protect you not only if they’re stolen, but also if they’re damaged in an accident. If your van is insured with Axa you can add your tools to your van policy with just a quick phone call.

Our experts can help find the right policy for you. For example, many insurance policies won’t cover your tools if they’re left in the van overnight. It’s always safer to bring your tools indoors at the end of the working day, so be sure to do so.

If you need tradesman’s insurance and want to get the best value, you need an insurance broker who knows the market. We have access to competitive prices and comprehensive cover, so call us today for a quote.








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