Does Plumbers Insurance Cover Tools and Equipment?

Caeva O'Callaghan | June 8th, 2023

You need plumbers’ insurance if you want to trade – but will a typical plumbers’ policy cover your expensive tools and equipment?

Not as standard. You will need to discuss with your insurance provider to have that cover added to your policy, or take out what’s known as “contractors’ all risks” insurance.

Comprehensive cover is always a good idea, but be careful that you aren’t overinsured. If this is a worry, contact us and we can investigate for you.

In this article, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • How do I insure my plumbers’ tools?
  • Are my tools covered in my van?
  • Does plumbers’ insurance cover sub-contractors’ equipment?

Plumbing is a high-risk profession which involves powerful and dangerous – not to mention expensive – equipment. Good plumbers insurance will protect you and your business, no matter what happens.

How do I insure my plumbers’ tools?

Plumbers must have specialist insurance before they start work. This will allow them to modify others’ homes safely, and will cover the costs of repairs if an accident happens.

But while standard plumbers’ insurance covers their clients’ and their property, as well as members of the public and their property, any plumber who wants to protect their own tools and equipment from theft or damage needs to add this cover to their policy.

It’s easy to do – just ring your insurance provider, or give us a call and we can compare quotes for you. You might find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Contract works insurance or contractors’ all risks (CAR) insurance – not to be confused with insurance for your car – gives you protection if the project underway is flooded or destroyed by fire. Not only that, it also covers damage to materials and equipment, including hired-in equipment.

CAR insurance is useful if you take on very large projects, or work in particularly dangerous situations. But it’s not the only type of cover available, so it’s worth shopping around for a quote.

Are my tools covered in my van?

If you want to protect tools and materials while in transit, you’ll either need contractors’ all risks (CAR insurance) or a van insurance policy that covers more than third party only.

As third party van insurance is the minimum insurance cover you need to get on the road, it doesn’t actually cover all that much. The good news is that you can protect the contents of your van as an add-on to your van insurance, or as a separate policy. This will protect you not only if they’re stolen, but also if they’re damaged in an accident. If your van is insured with Axa you can add on your tools to your van policy with just a quick phone call.

Our experts can help find the right policy for you. For example, many insurance policies won’t cover your tools if they’re left in the van overnight. It’s always safer to bring your tools indoors at the end of the working day, so if you can, make sure that you do so.

Does plumbers’ insurance cover sub-contractors’ equipment?

No. Always hire a decent subcontractor who is fully insured. If you do not, this could result in a lot of trouble for the both of you – and your client – later on.

Their materials, tools and equipment should be covered under their own policy. If they do not have one in place, that’s a warning sign.

Sub-contractors do not count as employees in insurance providers’ eyes. This means you do not need to include them on your plumbers’ insurance. At minimum, they should have their own public liability insurance – if they do not, you will be responsible for paying any damages. But if they also do not have their own equipment insurance, that’s their fault. They cannot make a claim on your insurance for any loss or damage to their equipment.

Need plumbers’ insurance? We can arrange cover for your tools valued up to €2K for just €190 per year, or cover for tools up to €5K for just €340 per year. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you out.








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