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Beef Farmer Insurance

Beef Farms

Livestock is the Beef Farmers biggest insurable asset. There are three types of cover available for drystock:

Fatal Injury (including slaughter on humane grounds) caused by fire, lightning, explosion, storm, collapse of Slatted Units, Flood, Livestock on foot, livestock in transit, and electrocution. Our Farm Professional Advisors will be able to advise you which insurance company is most suitable for your needs. They all have different levels of excesses on the various covers.

Livestock Theft (but not damage to or injury to) livestock stolen and not recovered.

Pedigree Livestock

This section covers death or infertility as a result of illness or accident to the animal. In order to get cover for a Pedigree animal, a vets certificate is normally required. Infertility cover is given for animals who have already had a successful pregnancy and birth. In other words, congenital infertility is not covered.

Other Fabulous Benefits for Beef Farmers

Loss of Basic Payment Scheme Income is automatically insured once the farm property is insured. This is designed to provide protection for the farmer against loss of the basic payment scheme following damage to property up to a limit of €15,000.