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Dairy Farmer Insurance

Dairy Farms

The most valuable thing on a Dairy Farm is the milk.Contamination of your milk by other farmers or by anti-biotics is automatically covered under the Axa Farm Policy. This policy also covers your for your milk going sour if your storage tank fails from either a faulty thermostat or a loss of electricity.

You can choose between three different levels of Contamination Cover:

  1. Option 1: Maximum Amount Payable €500
  2. Option 2: Maximum Amount Payable €1,000
  3. Option 3: Maximum Amount Payable €1,500

This cover has no policy excess.

Fabulous Additional Features and Benefits

Farm Outbuildings that are less than 40 year’s old are insured for Storm Damage as standard.

Storm Damage is also included for Milking Equipment.

Fire Brigade Charges up to €15,000 are also included for Farm Outbuildings.

Theft of implements and Equipment covered automatically once certain minimum security requirements are met.

Theft of Diesel and damage to the holding tank included automatically.

All Risks Cover available for Special Agricultural Equipment.