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Poultry Farmer Insurance

Poultry Farms

There are two types of Poultry Farmers. Those that are growing chickens and those that have laying hens. The risks for each of these type of Farm are completely different and both require different types of cover.

Growing Poultry Farmers typically receive a load of day old chickens and look after them for approximately 36 days until they have grown to the size required for the market. At this point the chickens are ready for slaughter and are taken away to the factory. The farmer is not the owner of the chickens but is responsible for their welfare during the growing period. During this time the chicken sheds need to be heated, irrigated and the chickens fed and watered. The most significant risk is a fire within the chicken house which will suffocate the chickens and destroy the shed. The insurance cover that we recommend for chicken growers is Business Interruption Insurance.

Business Interruption insures you for your loss of income and/or expenditure if there is fire in a hen house. Our farm Insurance Professionals will discuss with you and make recommendations on this type of cover depending on the size of your farm.

Fire and Storm Covercan be added to our outbuildings, equipment and meal.

Free Range Laying Hens also come under the umbrella of Poultry Farming though considered less of a risk than Growing Farms since there is no heat in the sheds. That said, Business Interruption is still very important for egg production. Storm damage can cause loss of income due to damaged hen sheds and/or loss of livestock.

Since Poultry Farming is labour intensive, we can offer Personal Accident and Hospitalisation Cover.