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Sheep Farmer Insurance

Sheep Farms

Sheep Farmers have quite a bit from which to protect themselves. Public Liability cover is very important for all farmers but for Sheep Farmers it is of particular importance since Sheep tend to roam around the countryside. Should a straying sheep cause an accident, the public liability aspect of your Farm Insurance Policy will kick in and protect you..

Sheep Worrying is another major concern for Sheep Farmers. We can provide cover for the loss by death, including sheep having to be put down for humane reasons following an attack by dogs. All of the insurance companies have different limits. For instance Axa Insurance has 2 limits -- €4,500 or €7,500 while Aviva Insurance have a limit of €12,000. Our Farm Insurance Experts will get prices from the three major insurers and advise you on which policy best suits your Farm.

Most Sheep Farmers have at least one Working Dog. The only way to insure a working dog at the moment is under the pedigree section of a Farm Insurance Policy. This has an age restriction of 5 years for new business and 7 for renewals. We think that this is quite young and are glad to be able to tell you that we have successfully negotiated a higher age limit for some of our clients.